Saturday, August 4, 2012

And now for something completely different

Went to my last knit group at College Hill CC, (sniff) and a last quick trip to the new textile shop in the area, Silkroad Textiles. You crafty Cincinnatians should really check this place out. They are getting quite a respectable inventory and the people are omgawesome! I got these cute Lantern Moon nesting bags, seen here modeled by my ladybug friends and Lani Kitty! Also in the shot is the knitting project bag I made with my Knitting Lorax fabric, also obtained at said textile shop.

These are a couple quilts they have on display, which I had grabbed a couple shots of because the MIL is a quilter and I thought she'd like to see them.

So I'm posting this from Marty's Hops and Vines, which has been one of our favorite places in Cincinnati... Definitely one of the places we are going to miss most. You like beer and wine, this is the place to be, and they have a nice little bistro like atmosphere and the people are amazing and friendly. We couldn't leave without having one last beer at Marty's. Even better? Today they had Mt. Carmel Imperial Coffee Stout on tap! OMG it's one of my favorite things ever and you can't buy it off the shelf! I was just lamenting never getting to have it again before we left and we pop into Marty's and there it was!
So now we head back to the hotel to do the final pre-pack and then to Claire's BBQ, then early to bed early to rise, on the road bright and early to start the real adventure!

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