Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One step closer

Dodgy internet again, so I'm just not beating my head up against the wall trying to get in a long post. I get better connections at the welcome centers and Love's Travel Centers, so I'll post more at our first stop tomorrow. Since I do rely on wifi to post through my iPad, and it sucks to post a big long post from my phone.

I do want to thank all of my many many MANY friends and family members for understanding that we are on the road, wrangling cats and dealing with spotty intermittent network connections, so if we can't respond individually or remember to post about every single detail we REALLY appreciate all the patience you've shown. The last thing we need during this little adventure is more stress, and all of your understanding allows us to deal with as little of it as possible, and we sure do appreciate it. Really, seriously... like.. a lot! :D
Now I'm going to have a nice adult beverage and have a little relax time before everything goes boom and explodes with fun again!

Also here is a picture of a cute sleeping kitty who is exhausted from meowing incessantly since we left Shamrock, TX.


  1. The one and only reason to jailbreak an iphone is so you can use it to tether other devices without having to get off the unlimited data plan and pay 4x more for less. I have the maximum number of roll over minutes they allow (near 5k or so) and unlimited bandwidth. Yeah I can pay $20 to get 4G LTE service and 3g of data but that's 3g of data in one month, then it's another $20 again. It's insanely stupid. If I am going to have to go places where there is no wifi it's nice to have a backup plan. Oh, rad you are going to go right past tucumcari, NM. I'm pretty sure Del's is open on wed. Chicken Fried Steak fingers, you know you want them... and the tortilla soup with maybe some sopapias. I know some locals in ABQ who would know where is worth eating at.

  2. I'm sure everybody understands. Once you get traveling, it's amazing how very big this country is (and how much of the space gets No Signal.) Since we avoided the interstate highways when we had the motor home, we often had to drive into town after we camped and look for a coffee spot (or park outside a Best Western) to check our e-mail or make a cell phone call.

    Is Mike Skoog writing in English up there in his comment?
    Oh-- and avoid chicken fried steak at all costs!
    Here's to another day of safe travel.

  3. Glad you're making progress! Glad the kitties are managing -- tell them that it is so much better than kitty carriers and and airplane!

    End of term stress and I'm so glad it's almost over. I've a bit of time before the Fall semester starts. I'll be using it!! I've gone to the dark side -- my Nexus 7 is on the way! I'm excited. I hope to get it totally "broken in" in the break.

    When you get a chance, post an update pix of Lani-Kitty and a ladybug! Miss you terribly and I'm glad you guys are safe! Love to Than and the kitties!