Friday, August 10, 2012

We are "home" finally!

Apologies for the lateness of this, our drive this morning was actually pretty short, about 4 hours, so we didn't really stop anywhere suitable for posting, and then when we got here it was all about getting settled, exploring, figuring out where to put things, dealing with huffy kitties and finding out that at some point along the trip our Xbox was stolen.

So, yes, we are here and we are safe and sound and the cats are starting to forgive us for all the indignities we heaped upon them.

Than is exploring the possibility that we can do an insurance claim on the Xbox, but we aren't holding our breath. We are looking at it this way. On a long trip there is always something that goes horribly wrong. This time it was a 300 dollar game system (he'd said 400 to me earlier but he's since looked it up and it was 300, still a lot of money) It wasn't the cats, the car, or us. It sucks, but it is certainly not the end of the world.

Here are some pics of the new digs. Sorry, some of them are a bit dark and some are a bit blurry, but I snapped them in a bit of a hurry and didn't check them. We wanted pics before we moved our mass of stuff in and messed it all up. I'll try to take better ones once I get our stuff situated neatly.

We then went for a drive, picked up some breakfast foods, obtained adult beverages, had dinner at One Pot Shabu Shabu (OMGAWESOME, Google it, it's fabulous) and then did a little walking tour of the place where he will be working soon! We are back now, it is 10PM here so... late for most of my friends and family. Lots to do tomorrow, lots and LOTS.


  1. Nice digs! So sorry about the Xbox; guard kitties they ain't! I'm so glad you arrived safely. Nice chatting last night!

  2. Will be thinking of you guys as you embark on the housing hunt.

  3. The place looks really nice. I suspect you'll have a ball exploring the area. Glad you and the kitties arrived safely even though the Xbox didn't.

  4. Totally true that you can't have a major move without at least one mishap, and even though it's a bummer, it could certainly have been worse.

    So glad you are there safe and sound, and I'll add my own good wishes for your house hunt.

  5. it really looks great Karen. Glad to see you guys made it cross country safely. Now give some love to those kitties.