Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another very fine rest stop

Not quite as nice as the Oklahoma welcome center, but still very nice, is the welcome center of New Mexico, I40-W. Free wifi FTW! The coolest thing here, and the only thing worth taking a picture of, is this bronze cast of a brontosaurus bone, complete with chomp marks.

Now for a bit of a proper blog post.

The trip yesterday was fairly uneventful, but we did see these fantastic windmills going through Oklahoma.

The picture doesn't remotely do them justice. I also got some video of them as we passed, and I did manage to get at posted on YouTube. You should be able to see it here. Let me know if that doesn't work. The music in the background is Billy Cobham, from a cd burned for us by Than's dad. Excellent jams!


Passing through Oklahoma City we saw this and I JUST managed to snap a quick shot of it.

Turns out this was the Skydance Bridge, which is a Big Deal there and they light it with pretty colors at night. I'd like to come back and see that someday, I bet it is a gorgeous sight. Here is a pic I found on the Internet.

Google it, there are lots, it is awesome!

The cats are fine, but Trinity seems determined to meow for the entire trip no matter how much Valium we give her. We are starting to hunger for kitty steaks!

As I mentioned, the last stop was pretty much sub-par, but the beds were comfortable and the place was clean, so no real complaints aside from the ridiculously bad Internet access and the horrible coffee in the morning. Trillian did manage to scare us by getting up under the bed where we had to literally lift the mattress and box spring to get to her, but she was safe and sound and no harm done.

Neo resisted dosing so vehemently that we decided to let him stay sober, and honestly he is just fine, he's the quietest of all of them, so that's one less thing to worry about there.

Our next stop is Holbrook, Arizona, which google maps is telling me is about 7 hours away. That puts us there around 10PM Cincinnati time, 8PM New Mexico time. Hopefully the Internet access will be better there.

Ok, enough rest, the road is calllinnnggggggg.....


  1. When Mike & I went to Colorado, I feel like the rest stops just got bigger and more spectacular the farther west we got. The people also got exponentially nicer. Plains state folks = downright personable!

    Give the kitties some attention from me the next time y'all stop. My Oz kitty is still being a frakking whackjob.

    Love you guys so much!

  2. Extra pettins for the kitties coming up! We love you too! <3

  3. Not sure what route you're going but if you pass anywhere near tucumcari, NM there is a place that freaking PWNS for food. It's called Del's and they have chicken fried steak fingers along with some truly amazing mexican (not the cali/tex crap) food. The place is an institution but I imagine you already passed it. K - send me an email with your planned route and I can shoot you to the real food. I've spent a lot of time out in that direction. It's too bad you're going the flagstaff route instead of phoenix, two of my top 10 places to eat are in phoenix. Unless you're taking the 40->17->15 or 8 heading west for some reason. It's outside phoenix in scottsdale(scottsdull) but my absolute favorite hotel I've ever stayed at is there.

  4. Love the wind farms...it's a picture that stays in my memory from our trips out west.
    Thinking of the kitties and you all...