Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fritters for critters and also some knitting

Having breakfast in Holbrook AZ, and since we didn't stay at a "real hotel" this time we had no breakfast bar, so off we went to the closest thing that offerred a food like substance, Donuts Plus. We didn't expect much from the nondescript appearance of the building, but woah. What a surprise! Free wifi to start with, lovely fresh donuts and real coffee.
Here you can see that the little critters highly approved of our breakfast selections...

Don't judge, I'll go back on weightwatchers when I have a damn kitchen again :P Also don't let the cups and such fool you, this place is called Donuts Plus, not Daylight Donuts, but whatever, those donuts were goooood.
I haven't been able to do quite as much car knitting as I'd have liked due to the fact that I ended up having to keep the littlest cat in my lap to keep her calm (in her carrier of course, not loose) but I've done some, and my Piper's Journey is coming along. I finally decided I had enough of the stockinette part and started the knitted on border. I have like 280 stitches on the needles now.

It's freakin gorgeous, I love this yarn! The lace pattern was easy to memorize so I'm going to keep at it and see how far I can get in the next two days.
Ok, enough of this lolly gagging we have to go now and commence with the torturing of innocent kitties, because we are mean and don't love them at all. :)


  1. Lani-kitty and friends enjoyed the meal, I can tell! Piper's Journey is beautiful! Sounds like you guys are making great time. Aloha to all and be safe!

  2. Love the purple and the design.

    Oh, and was that an apple fritter? (drool)