Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ready, set, go... tomorrow

We had a nice time at the BBQ, Than really took a shine to Claire's pretty maine coon cat, Victoria.

Got back to the hotel in plenty of time to play tetris with the rest of our stuff in the back of the car. Got the car packed up except for the things we need in the morning and, of course, the cats.

Hanging out with Joe and Barbara last night was great, we had yummy champagne and cheeses and great conversation, and I got to show Barbara some neat things she can do with her iPad. She took a very nice pic of Than and myself that I actually like, and everyone knows how much I hate pics of me :D

Up in the morning, dosing the cats with kitty valium, loading up the car and headed out of Cincinnati as soon as we can manage. I'll try to take more interesting pics, I wish I'd taken more pics of the group while we were hanging out, but I never do think of these things when I have a chance! My friends will just have to post lots of pics to facebook :)

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